Hello and welcome everyone! – To the ones that just clicked in to the wrong page and to you that came to the right page, to you who just searched for “sex” like 8 billion other people on this planet (I’m sorry to have mislead you, but hey don’t leave!) and to the ones that actually know me and want to see more of this exciting blog, either way hello and welcome to all of you!

So to you who came to the wrong page, you might wonder who I am? Well, my name is Desiree Yousefi and I’m a third year law student at a university in London. I am creating this blog as part of my Law and the Media course. I’m very excited to start my first blog and to learn more about this subject and also to share this journey with you readers.

 I hope you will enjoy it!

media law copy

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


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