An act of kindness gone wrong!

With regards to M’s blogpost I would like to talk about the matter of reporting cases involving children, specifically focusing on the Watkin fiasco.

As we have talked about in my previous blog post the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 (CYPA 1933) says as a general rule that proceedings in the youth court are not open to the publics; s.47 CYPA 1933. Press representatives are not prevented from report on proceedings, but only from identifying the child or any young person involved in the proceedings; s.49 CYPA 1933.

Ian Watkins, a musician, pleaded guilty to a number of sex offences including raping two children (one only 11-months old) while the mothers (groupies) allowed and encouraged the abuse. The mother,

A court order was made to grant lifelong anonymity to the two children in accordance with the CYPA 1933. In order to keep their identities secret the mother identities could neither be revealed as this would simply cause a “jigsaw identification”. However, despite of all this, Peaches Geldof illegally named the mothers (who had until then been identified as “women A” and “women B”) in a tweet. Her twitter readers were furious by her action and called her an “idiot”.

M writes in her post that “These women sacrificed the innocence of their own children, to satisfy their own hunger for fame, but even so, they may be victims and, more to the point, their children definitely ARE victims”. I could not agree more with this. These women were persuaded by Watkins to “sacrifices” their own children in order to be “liked” by the artist. The mothers did indeed accomplice to the crime by putting their children at risk and making them a victim. Peaches Geldof similarly put the children at danger when revealing the mother’s names. She tried to get justice, but did not see the consequences of her action. As encouraging as it may seem to reveal their names one must not do so as it will identify the true victims, merely the children. I agree with Peaches twitter readers who seem to know more than the “self-known” journalist herself who indeed seem to need to take some law courses. She is not only putting the victim’s life at stake by doing this she is also acting illegally.


“You will always stand taller when you kneel to help a child.” ― Unknown



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